Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fall Evening Campfires

One thing I love about our backyard is the fire pit. It's a simple square made from concrete "bricks". We decided to have a campfire a few nights ago on a beautiful fall evening.It's nice to just sit and relax, and feel the warmth of the fire. Of course, you have to roast mashmallows.And make a few s'mores. Mmmm.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Fall Colors and Raking Leaves

The fall colors were beautiful this year. Here are a few photos from our yard.And oh, how quickly, the trees and yard went from this.... this. I love it when the grass is covered with leaves because one of our favorite fall activities happens to be raking the leaves. Yes, you heard that right. We love raking leaves!If I had to bag them, I probably wouldn't love it so much. We simply rake them all to the back of our yard, and they naturally biodegrate all on their own throughout the winter and spring. As you can see, we have a system that gets them back there in no time.
LittleJ liked helping at times.But mostly he liked to play in them. Well, who wouldn't.Of course, you have to have cookie breaks along the way.
So what is all this work leading to?
Well, this lovely pile of course........strategically placed right in front of the swing set........for the purpose of JUMPING!!!Gotta love the leaf pile, don't 'ya? Thanks to LittleE, LittleA got a face full of leaves. Well, you know it's time for some revenge by LittleA.
LittleJ loved sliding down the slide and landing in his pile at the end.
And BigJ had a good time too.Want a free, fun family afternoon? Just rake up a pile of leaves and dive in!
And everyone's happy at the end of the day. Can't ask for much more than that. Happy fall!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009


What's fall without a few pumpkins around? We finally got to carving them on Friday.
LittleJ liked drawing on his.
The planter stand makes a great place to display them.