Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Flashback ~ 1976

I found an envelope the other day with some old photos in it and thought it would be fun to post some of them.  I had to actually take a picture of the photo since I don't have a scanner. 
 But, I think it turned out pretty good.
Gotta love those boy's swim shorts from the 70's !!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A.K.A Sally

     For the past 3 weeks, LittleA and LittleE have been participating in a summer theater workshop through a local community theater.  The director of the theater is LittleA's piano/voice teacher and we first became acquainted with her when LittleE did "Aladdin" with her 2 summers ago. 
     Currently they are working on "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown".  LittleA is the stage manager/photographer/sound person, and chorus member for a few of the songs.  She is doing an internship with the theater as a half credit for her senior year.
LittleE, on the other hand, lives for the stage. 
 She auditioned and received the part of Sally, Charlie Brown's sister.

Here she is during a dress rehersal this past week, minus the blonde "Sally" wig.
Last night was the opening night show and they had a full crowd.  We will be going to Sunday's show this weekend, and most likely again next weekend.  If you would like more information about the shows, you can visit their website.  I'm sure they would love to see you there.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Updating the Front Porch

Our front porch has been looking circa 1965 for WAY too long!  So, we decided it was high time we did something about it. 
We replaced the "lovely and fancy" iron posts with some nice wood ones. We even got $13 for the old ones at the scrap metal yard, which isn't too bad, considering they didn't really want them either.

 It looks so much better and not so outdated anymore.
It even has a fresh coat of paint! 

Next up?  Get rid of that old metal screen door!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Summer Fun Family Tradition!

Hot Air Balloons!! 
 I love 'em. 

 And this year the weather was perfect for a great launch on both Friday and Saturday evening.

We loaded up the kids, the camp chairs and blankets, and made our way to the campus grounds.

Then we waited..........

So what does one do while waiting for balloons to launch?
Here's a few ideas.
1)  Read the balloon classic program...

2)  Put grass on your sister's head ...

3)  Jump on your brother...

or 4)  Attack your sister.

Oh, wait, the balloons are starting to fill up. 

And they're off !!
There were over 65 balloons total-- some flying out, and some flying in. 
They put on a great show.