Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mohican State Park

It's late August and many of the local schools are starting back up again.  So, in honor of the first day of classes for Erica (on the 20th), who's at Ashland University this fall, we decided to go hiking at Mohican State Park.
 We started out at the gorge overlook with a little natural history lesson.

I always stop to read 
historical markers.

My family must think I'm crazy, because they just pass them by.
They really start to roll their eyes when I read the information out loud to them!

But I refrained this time.

I took a picture instead so I could read it to them later... HA!

The gorge is one thousand feet wide, and over three hundred feet to the bottom.  It contains a rare forest ecosystem that is virtually unchanged since it's creation by ice age glacial waters.

Now see, I find that amazing!  And Johnny Appleseed even planted apple orchards nearby.

The things you can learn about from just a little sign.... ahhhh.
But.... ONWARD.  It was time to find the Big Lyons Falls.  It started to rain a little too, so thought it was best not to linger too long.

The trail to the falls is a 2-mile round trip, and we had to wait for the rain shower to lessen, but we finally got there.
HAHAHA..... Where's the water??   
There was very little rain this summer.  Remember?  Oh yea.
So this falls must not be very big to begin with.

Here's a close-up, where you can actually see the falling water.
Maybe we'll have to go back next spring and compare.

On the trek back, the sun came back out and I made everyone 
put their muddy shoes in the trunk!
We weren't finished yet though.  
On the way out of the park we stopped to climb the fire tower.
I think that will have to be another post though, or I'll never get this one posted.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Beginnings.... Round 2.

My two amazing and wonderful adult daughters!  Wow... why does the time seem to go by so fast?
And yet, it seemed like it would never arrive.

Time is funny like that, I guess.

This past spring we graduated Erica not only from our home school, but she graduated from the culinary program at a local career center.  Our spring was quite busy with a backyard party and 2 graduation ceremonies.

And then she waited...all. summer. long.  She worked, she did community theater with friends, she waited some more, but the day finally arrived.  Last Friday we dropped her off at the college dorm at Ashland University.  A new beginning...
A grand adventure.

There was a time when our grand adventures looked like this... not so long ago really. I'm so very proud of both of them.

The journey we have all taken together has been wonderful, and now their separate journeys move us along to new things.  It is wonderful to see them adventuring into the unknown and growing more confident in who they are and who they want to become.   I'm so thankful for the years we've spent growing together.

My role has changed with my daughters.  
I love this new adventure we are on.