Friday, February 26, 2010

A Little LEGO movie

In our study of Thomas Edison, we learned that he invented moving pictures. So, we decided to make our own little Lego Star Wars movie.

BigJ improved as we went along, learning to move his characters just a little bit at a time.

You will see Boba Fett coming out of the sand, Leia and Han getting married, and then Darth Vader making a quick entrance and exit (yes, he looks like Darth Maul, but we couldn't find Vader's head).

We took approximately 130 still photos, put it on Windows Movie Maker, and sped it up to 10 frames per second. ENJOY!

There may be another movie in the works soon, and we may even learn how to add in sound-- just like Thomas Edison did :smile:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winter Snow Hike at Jackson Bog

Last Friday, since it was above freezing and the sun was shining, I thought it would be nice to take a snow hike. We drove to the Jackson Bog and started out through the woods. We were able to follow a small path made by cross country skiers and a few others. LittleJ did great tramping through-- I wasn't sure how far we would be able to go. When we made it to the boardwalk that winds through the bog, it looked like this. I thought the boardwalk would be mostly melted since we had been above freezing for a few days...but not so.

We travelled a little way, but not far. There were a few glimpes of life in the bog. If you look closely in the picture below there is a green plant soaking in the sun on top of the water. We could also hear some geese, but didn't see them.
LittleJ found a pretty winter weed though that was just within his reach. He thought he needed to smell it!

All in all it was a nice little hike. I only wish I had brought the sled for LittleJ though. He was awfully heavy on the return trip!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday Cakes and Blue Feet

So who's birthday were we celebrating??
Well, Thomas Edison's of course. Doesn't everybody?
February 11th was Edison's birthday, and since we've been doing a unit study about him, BigJ thought we should celebrate. Since I rarely bake cakes (unless it's someone's b-day), we decided to go ahead and make one. Mmmm. It's a Crazy Cake; an easy made-from-scratch cake. No frosting please. BigJ did all the measuring and mixing, too!
What's up with the blue feet you ask?
Well, if you note the small size of these feet, I'm sure you can guess who's they are. YES, LittleJ has been into things again. This time he found some tie dye fabric dye and decided to squirt it on the basement floor and play in it. I just can't put things high enough! His hands and knees were the same color as well. Yes, he had pants on, but it just soaks right through! Needless to say, there's now less to store even higher :smile:

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Little Winter Wonderland

Last weekend we received 10-12 inches of snow!!
LittleJ thought his doggie needed a walk in the snow too.

This is my large burning bush in the back yard. I thought for sure many of the limbs were broken off.

But Tim cleared the snow and it popped right back up. YEA!
We have a tiny hill in the back yard, so LittleA decided to make a sled run. This snow is rather fluffy, so she kept sinking instead of sliding. But it'll pack down well in a few days.
She had better luck with her snow angel!
LittleJ wasn't too fond of the deep snow, so LittleA helped him out.
More snow to come tomarrow; suppose to have another 6 inches!! I think that'll do me for a while!