Friday, April 29, 2011

The Trillium Are Blooming!

Last Saturday we drove back out to Johnson Woods to see if the Trillium had started blooming yet.

It ended up being a fairly warm day, and before we were all the way around the 1 mile boardwalk LittleJ had to take off his boots because his feet were hot.

He also convinced LittleE that he was "SO TIRED" and needed a ride!

Here is the largest patch of Trillium, protected by the wire enclosure so the deer won't eat them.  Aren't they beautiful?  Many of them still weren't open yet.
These are Mayapples.  They look like little umbrellas with small pink flowers that bloom underneath.
This one, I believe, is a Swamp Buttercup. 

Close to the end of our hike, Little E spied this little guy sunning himself next to the boardwalk.

LittleE is showing off one of the larger trees in the woods.
I love walking in the woods and I'm so glad everyone humors me and comes along! 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's Prom Season

Last week was prom at the career center for LittleE and she asked her best friend to go along with her.

Can you believe that Barbie pink dress on her?  Usually she avoids pink because of her red (uh... strawberry blonde) hair, but when she tried it on at the shop it looked fantastic.

She fell in love with it!

They both look beautiful!

One down, one more to go. 
She gets to go to a different prom with another best friend.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


by Celia Thaxter

The alder by the river
Shakes out her powdery curls;
The willow buds in silver
For little boys and girls.

The little birds fly over
And oh, how sweet they sing!
To tell the happy children
That once again 'tis spring.

The gay green grass comes creeping
So soft beneath their feet;
The frogs begin to ripple
A music clear and sweet.

And buttercups are coming,
And scarlet columbine,
And in the sunny meadows
The dandelions shine.

   And just as many daisies
As their soft hands can hold
The little ones may gather,
All fair in white and gold.

Here blows the warm red clover,
There peeps the violet blue;
O happy little children!
God made them all for you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Johnson Woods State Nature Preserve

I love to walk in the woods.
There's just something about being among the trees and wildflowers, walking along the boardwalk, that just makes me happy.

Nature truly inspires me and I love it. 
I love the wonder of it.
I love the beauty in it.
I love being with it.

Last week we drove to Johnson Woods to see if we could catch the spring wildflowers.
As you can see, it still looks a lot like winter here as of last Wednesday.
Spring has been slow in coming.   

There are some signs of spring wildflowers to come though.
Peeking out from under the fall leaf clutter are some yellow trout lily.  This is the only bloom I saw, but lots of new leaves unfurling, so there should be plenty to see in the coming weeks.

There are also trillium emerging as well.  These trillium plants are being protected by a wire enclosure to keep the deer from eating them.  They are native to this forest and Ohio's state wildflower.

Johnson Woods is an old growth forest.  It is claimed that many of these trees are anywhere from 200 - 400 years old with the largest trees being oak and hickory.  We saw some pretty large beech trees as well. 
As you walk along the one mile boardwalk, fallen trees are everywhere.  

We will be heading back to the woods again this week.   
I'm hoping to have some beautiful trillium pictures to share.
Happy Spring!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

CU Choral Concert

Last weekend we drove north to Grand Rapids to visit LittleA at Cornerstone University, and to see her spring choir concert.

We had a beautiful day, enjoyed a walk around the campus, went out to dinner, and heard some wonderful music from the concert choir, the university chorale, and the symphony winds.

Did you figure out where she was?
Here's a closer view.
 Front row, left, just to the right of the accompanist. 
They sang beautifully!