Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Who's That Chef?

Look it's Erica! 

She and her culinary class from the career center were cooking at the Wayne Co. Fair this year.  It's a senior tradition, and of course they get out of school for the day, so they are very happy!

Now, lets just say, no matter who's cooking at the tent, they can grill up a fantastic pork loin sandwich.  But last Wednesday the culinary students were cooking and serving up a few extras. 

Erica and one of her fellow classmates were serving cajun-style bourbon pork over rice, with some black bean concoction over it as well.

I wasn't so brave on the black beans, but I did like the bourbon pork and rice.  It was VERY good. 

Will she be cooking this at home?  Probably not.... I don't think she knows the recipe!  She did bring home some delicious cinnamon raisin bread today though that she made herself.  YUM!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Ohio State Fair

I love the fair. 

It must be from growing up as a 4-H kid and being at the fair every summer, but whatever the reason, I know I love going and looking at all the exhibits.
We travel to several different county fairs in our surrounding area every summer, and this year we decided to add on the Ohio State Fair.  The last time we went was probably about 10 years ago, so it was definitely time to go back.

Of course, I always have to check out the animal barns whenever I go to the fair.  Part of my 4-H experience involved animals and swine barns.  Yes, I was one of those kids who chased a her hogs around a show ring!  It's not the most favored places of everyone else in my family, but they are willing to humor me!

The swine barn looked newly renovated and so did the sheep barn, and had a beautiful show ring in the center. 
Check out that HUGE fan on the ceiling.
We also went through various display buildings, even though we didn't make it to the 4-H building until 5 minutes before it was closing.

One building had a large pedal tractor maze made from straw bales. 
LittleJ enjoyed his many trips through the maze.

In the open class building, they had a
"decorate a throne" contest..hahaha.

This was one of my favorites of the professionally decorated cakes.
 They also have an official Ohio State Fair Band, and since Tim was a member years ago, he wanted to listen to their concert on the lawn.  They also have a choir, made up of members throughout the entire state, that gave an excellent concert as well.
LittleE and LittleJ got in a nap while listening to the band perform.

We also spent time at the Natural Resources Park and was able to pick up a lot of brochures for our state history unit study this year.  We toured through the native Ohio animals section, which included this Great Blue Heron.  I've never seen one this up close before, usually only flying or on a distant shore, so I was glad to get a good picture.

I was also able to get this picture in the butterfly house. 
It butterflies were very active that day.
There was so much to see, and do...

... and eat!  I really could not believe this one!  Instead of a bun, there was two glazed doughnuts, and yes there were some people eating them.  I can't imagine all that sugary yuck on my burger.  What will they think of next?!? 

We had a very full day, and I know we didn't even see it all.  Next time I'll definitely be riding the Sky Ride. 
The Ohio State Fair is definitely another favorite Ohio field trip, and thankfully there was plenty of open lawn, benches, and picnic tables for relaxing and just enjoying the atmosphere.