Friday, November 22, 2013

Hiking to Blue Hen Falls

In the Cuyahoga Valley National Park there are so many trails to hike and explore.  We've been several times to the ledges, but I recently saw a picture of Blue Hen Falls, so about three weeks ago we decided to go and search it out.
It was a beautiful fall day too, with the trees almost at peak color.

The trail was quite short, shorter than I expected, so since there were a few other people down at the bottom of the creek, we decided to find our way down there too.

We followed a rough path downstream until we were able to find a fairly good place to climb down.  It was beautiful at creek level with all the fallen leaves, the rocks, and the trickling water.

 We then hiked back upstream to the waterfall with LittleJ being our guide most of time.  He is known for getting way ahead of everyone else.

We finally made it back to the waterfall, and enjoyed a little time just relaxing.

We've been studying geology and rocks this semester, so this made for a wonderful little trip.  It's fun finding lots of  new little places to see and explore and having it tie into our studies so well.  What a blessing!