Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What Do You Do on the First Day of School?

We have an annual tradition for our first day of school.... a field trip!  In years past we've been at the lake cottage, or have gone to the zoo or somewhere local, and one year we even went camping at Mohican State Park.  This year we went to the Virginia Kendall Ledges, part of the Cuyhoga Valley National Park Ohio.   

So, here is how we spent part of our "first day of school".

Entering the ledges trail.  Don't get too close to the edges.

LittleJ liked scouting the trails.
He liked climbing into all the crevices to see if they led anywhere.
The colors in some of the rock formations are really beautiful.

Moving right along and staying on the paths.... most of the time!
Relaxing at the overlook across the valley

Taking a break and enjoying the beautiful weather.

This year we are doing an Ohio History unit study, so this made a perfect beginning to our year.  It gives us real life hooks to hang our reading on.  I like it that way.  I have found some wonderful living books we'll be reading in order to experience Ohio as well.  I'll be showing them to you as we move along.

This was another favorite Ohio field trip and we'll be taking many more trips throughout Ohio with our Ohio Historical Society family pass.   Up next will probably be something native american related, like the indian mounds.  We haven't been down to see those yet, so I'm excited.