Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Full Snow Moon

Looking at the night sky is a favorite activity of ours; especially mine and Big J's.
But have you ever considered the morning sky?

Because the sunrise is so late this time of year, I am usually awake as it begins to color the sky. 
We've had some very beautiful sunrises this past week.

This photo was taken from our back porch looking west!  Yes, the opposite direction from the sunrise. 
The colors filled the sky Friday morning.  Gorgeous.
This is the Full Snow Moon shining brightly in the morning sky.

February's full moon is called the snow moon because February is typically the month with the heaviest snows.  The native american Algonquin tribes gave each full moon a name as a way to keep track of the seasons.  We still use many of those names today.  If you are interested in learning more, the Farmer's Almanc online has their names and meanings.  Enjoy.

Boys and Blocks

 Little J LOVES his Duplos.

We started out with just one box many years ago when LittleA was young.  And that box has been sufficient for everyone else ..... until now.

Little J likes to think big.

He needs more Duplos!

Every birthday and Christmas has included sets of Duplos so now we can build,

 and build,

 and build!

Almost every evening, he and Dad create something new. 
It's been a great way to fill the cold winter days.

He has a birthday coming up soon, and yes, he'll be getting more Duplos!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just An Ordinary Winter

Yes, I said ordinary winter.

While family and friends experienced the Groudhog Blizzard of 2011, we only had ice and sleet, and about 3 inches of snow.  Definitely a let down.

What we have had is plenty of COLD though.

This is what our winter has looked like for the past 2 months.  Just an ordinary winter.... sigh.

So, not much exciting happening around here.

Just trying to stay warm.
 Happy Winter!