Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Is It The End of November Already?

The month of November has flown by quickly.  It always does, it seems.
So before it's totally gone, I have a few more autumn visits to share.

We had some very warm days in October, so I wanted to take full advantage of at least one of them for a 
Fall Adventure Day.

First stop... Brandywine Falls
BigJ reaches the end of the boardwalk first.

They had a nice bench down there too.  If I had a book with me, I could have stayed for quite a while.
The boys, however, would have never gone for that!

Heading back up to the top.

Next, after a stop at Chick-fil-A for lunch, we headed to our next stop, 
the beaver marsh.
The boardwalk followed the old canal with remnants of an old canal lock, and then came out to the marsh.
The beavers reclaimed this area for themselves, which had at one time also been a junkyard.  After the beavers moved in and built a dam, volunteers came in and cleaned it up.  It's now a lovely marsh system.

Here is the beaver's lodge, though we didn't see any beavers that afternoon.
It was probably too warm for them, since it was 78 degrees while we were there.
There were benches here, and again, it would have been a lovely reading spot.

We did see some birds, some ducks, a heron, and this catfish pair.

Now that all the leaves have fallen, and Thanksgiving has passed, I guess I should admit that the Christmas season is on it's way.  I always wish fall would last a little bit longer, so I'm glad we took the time to enjoy it before it quickly slipped away.