Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Festivals

Fall is a great time for festivals, and this year we visited two that were new to us.

First was the Barberton Mum Festival.  Mums are a classic fall flower so why not use them creatively as the center of your small town festival.  Every year they have a theme for their festival, and this year it was Native American Indian.  
I was a warm and sunny weekend as well, which really brought out the colors in the flowers.
They had approximately 20,000 plants making over 1 million blooms!  The pots are set very close together in order to make the designs, so once you are there it doesn't seem as big as you would expect, but the impact is beautiful.

They also had food and craft vendors, musical entertainment by local choirs and bands, native american singers and storytellers, and a water ski show.

As I looked at all the pictures they posted on facebook, I noticed there were a lot of things we missed around the lake... a wood carver, vegetable carver, sand sculptor.  And I didn't get to peruse all the craft vendors quite as well as I would have liked.   So next year I plan to take a picnic blanket so we can just relax and enjoy the atmosphere at a leisurely pace.

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